Stop acting rich and start acting like a millionare

I’ve got a 92 Toyota w/251k on it and it runs just fine. real estate investment wealth building


Play defense with old XP operating system

Protecting your PC from attacks, malware, and data loss has become a higher priority as we are more ‘connected’ than ever.

A useful PC World article give this advice:

  • Only use administrator account to install/uninstall programs – work on a limited access account sign in
  • Don’t use Microsoft products on your XP – old Office versions, IE, Outlook, etc.
  • Disable or uninstall: Java, Flash, and Reader
  • Use antivirus software that is actively being updated.

Tips that I’ll add:

  • Use passwords on your files. Its amazing how many customer/clients of ours that have me sit at their PC’s have no sign in for their programs &/or files. Even if they are simple passwords, you’ll discourage someone that has casual access to your PC or in case your laptop is lost or PC is stolen.
  • Keep back up files on removable drives that you can place in your home safe.
  • Yes, I practice these steps and recommend them to you.

There you have it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. – aka: Obamacare aka: Affordable Health Care Act

March 31 deadline:

Under 133% of poverty level ?

Hardship exemptions available:

More info:

We refinanced our underwater mortgage

‘……We decided to go with the FHA Streamline refinance, which does not require an appraisal.

I contacted our broker with our decision, and he sent us a list of items he would need, as well as a ton of paperwork to sign.

With the FHA Streamline, we didn’t need to prove our income or have any equity in our house. All we needed to do was prove that I was employed and that we indeed owned the current mortgage to the house……’